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Staking in the Governance System


By staking ICP inside Network Nervous System (NNS) neurons, token holders can participate in network governance and earn voting rewards. Withdrawing the ICP requires a notice period configuration called a “dissolve delay,” which refers to the timespan until the neuron is dissolved and the tokens are unlocked. Dissolve delays can always be lengthened, but can only be reduced in real time. A neuron’s voting power and corresponding voting rewards are proportional to the quantity of staked ICP, the amount of staked maturity, the length of its dissolve delay, and the amount of time that passes before the neuron begins to dissolve, which is its “age.” You can use the NNS front-end dapp to create and manage neurons, as well as vote on proposals.
Estimate Rewards
Actual dissolve delay
0 years
* Voting reward percentages change dynamically over time and depend on the number of ICP token holders participating in network governance, as well as the dissolve delay and age of their neurons.