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Ethereum Smart Contracts on the Internet Computer

Extending Ethereum

Canister with ckETH
Canister smart contracts on ICP can integrate with the Ethereum network using a combination of replicated HTTPS outcalls to a known set of public Ethereum nodes to read state and submit transactions, and chain-key ECDSA (ckECDSA) signatures, an enhanced version of threshold ECDSA, to sign those submitted transactions.

Building upon this integration framework, ckETH is a pair of canister smart contracts that utilize HTTPS outcalls and ckECDSA services. Minter and ledger contracts work together to enable users and smart contracts to send and receive ETH value within seconds for less than a cent, and no gas fees, while also always allowing users and smart contracts to send and receive ETH value to and from the Ethereum network.

ckETH exposes ICRC-1 and ICRC-2 ledger interfaces (the fungible token standards of ICP), making it simple for all wallets on the Internet Computer to offer ckETH support.

The pair of smart contracts work in unison to ensure that the total value of ckETH is fully backed 1:1 by Ether (ETH). This can always be verified by viewing the on-chain dashboards and metrics of the canisters: ckETH Minter dashboard, ckETH Minter metrics, ckETH Ledger metrics.