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Staking in the Governance System

Voting Rewards

Anyone can stake ICP inside the Network Nervous System (which governs the Internet Computer) to earn new ICP in the form of voting rewards. When ICP is staked, it creates a neuron that can vote on proposals that update, manage, and configure the network, which are executed automatically. Neurons can be configured to vote automatically by following other neurons.
Estimate Rewards
Neuron dissolve delay
8 years
* Estimated trailing 24-hour annualized return for a neuron with an age of zero, assuming conversion of maturity to ICP at a maturity modulation of 0% and that all voting power votes on all proposals. Voting reward percentages change dynamically over time and depend on the number of ICP token holders participating in network governance, as well as the dissolve delay and age of their neurons.
Voting Participation
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Maturity Modulation
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(100 Maturity Converted to ICP)
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